sixtyfour thirtytwo started as a home for my personal work, but I decided to bring in my Android work to the mix and it's been a very rewarding journey.

Spanning over 4 years, over 1 million downloads and many icons, It was a job of managing myself, multiple projects and customer service.

1 Mill +



icons created


Min was created to showcase other elements of a consumers device, such as a wallpaper. Min was styled with minimal shadows and a white base.

Launched in 2013, it's received over 500,000 downloads to consumers around the world.

Min for Android image


Tendere is a rectangular and flat set of icons, it was inspired by a theme I'd put together a couple of years before for iOS. It's received a couple of re-designs over time.

Tendere for Android image


Cast is one of my personal favourites, I adore how it isn't uniform and the darker colour palette. Cast was the most recent Android icon pack.

Cast for Android image
Orbis Screen 1
Orbis Screen 2
Orbis Screen 3

Each Android icon set has a dashboard app, created in Java. This allowed my users to see and apply the icons, view matching wallpapers or get help with anything.


A circular icon pack with gradients, textures and an inset glyph. I wanted to create something simple, yet slightly different.

Orbis for Android image


A flat, uniform icon set with a distinct colour palette, texture, and shadow. I wanted to do something different from the circles or square packs being created around 2013, and by doing some minimal grid changes on the device, you could create an interesting honeycomb shape.

Hexacon for Android image


Redux was created before Cast, non-uniform icons mixed with gradient and texture.

Redux for Android image


A collection of over 200 minimal wallpapers, designed to match hundreds of different setups. Split into multiple categories.

In total, I've created 9 icon packs, 2 wallpaper collections, many widgets and countless experiments.

See the work on the playstore.