The Granary

The Granary, is a a platform for sharing recipes and tips for bakers but aimed at people who have a small space to cook or those on a budget by creating kitchen-casts.

The idea is to allow viewers to view the recipe before the live show, so they can collect the fresh ingredients needed. Different recipes will have different budgets, but to counter this they come with alternatives which could be used.

The Granary wants viewers to be able to eat well, on a budget, wherever they live.





The base colour, Orange-Gold (#FFBB05) was inspired by that classic wheat-field colour, with a complimentary off-white and off-black.


I've pieced together a live prototype of The Granary's home page.

The main goal of The Granary is to get consumers watching the live Kitchen-casts so one of the first elements a viewer sees is the 'Upcoming Schedule', consumers are able to click into an upcoming cast and gather more information such as the needed ingredients.

Consumers are then able to learn the process The Granary.

Finally consumers are able to see some of the latest casts and catch up on demand.